To all those right wingers, political and the apolitical kind, who are saying ‘stop criticising the government’ and ‘if you know better why don’t you do it yourselves’ let me give you an example, a metaphor if I may. Let’s say you brought in a cook to make porotta and beef fry for a small gathering. The cook is touted to be one of the best. But he turns out a disaster and you point that out. At this point, imagine the cook and his assistants screaming at you to ‘stop criticising the cook’ and ‘if you know better why don’t you do it yourselves’. I rest my case.



Oh the righteous —



George H W-the daddy-Bush or Teddy Roosevelt or Richard Nixon (or any of the other dead US terrorists)

That dude who killed women in London

Colonel Reginald Dyer of the British Indian Army

Godse, the Gandhi killer

(you get the gist, don’t you?)

— dead people of the netherworld!